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What is a Rx Crusader?  A person that is Sick and Tired of the High Cost of Prescriptions and Wants To Do Something About It!  NOW We Can All Do Something Positive about the High Cost of Prescriptions and Help Our Clients, Our Families, Our Friends, Our Neighbors and Our Communities Save Up To 93%!  Join the Nationwide Rx Crusade & Become a Local Rx Crusader...  Together, We CAN Make A Difference!


Attention:  Insurance, Medical, Business Professionals & Concerned Citizens 
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Help Your Community Put The Brakes On The HIGH Cost Of Prescriptions.....

Market Update: We all know that the economy has really cooled off. In fact, it is actually close to falling off the cliff in many major markets around the country and is expected to continue like that for awhile. Sadly, we have also noticed that many people aren't taking their medications because of the high cost of prescriptions.  An estimated 150 Million Prescriptions go UNFILLED each year due to Prescription Costs. Being a Rx Benefits Specialist will help turn that around!


Fact: Those Prescribed Drugs Not Covered by Insurance is HUGE!!!

Fact: 100 Million People with NO Prescription Benefit Program or NO Part D if Medicare-Eligible.

Fact: 44 Million People who are Under Insured or NOT Insured, such as carrying only Major Medical!

Fact: 10 Million Medicare-Eligibles that fall into the “Donut Hole” or Coverage Gap.

Fact: 40 Million Immigrants Without Insurance!

Fact: 42% of Hispanics have NO Insurance

Fact: No Enrollment or Membership Fees, Pre-Existing Prescriptions are Covered, No Coverage Limit on Use of the Rx Benefits Card!


Benefits of the Rx Benefits Card & Being a Rx Benefits Specialist


This is a GREAT Program that will help Medicare-Eligibles and ALL Consumers save a lot of money.  Use as a stand alone program, as a door opener or as another service that you offer as part of being a Local Outreach Specialist.  Great for Non-Profits, Churches, Mobile Home Parks, Daycare Centers, etc.


You earn $1.20 for each prescription filled at a Chain Pharmacy.  Unlike every other card in the market, the Rx Benefits Card is the only card that provides the same low price at a CVS as it would a Wal-Mart for example, so just tell them to go to their favorite Chain.


You earn .15 override on your downline, two levels down, so recruiting adds significant additional revenue for you!  Makes for GREAT Fundraising Tool for Schools/PTA's, Non-Profits, Churches, HOA's, Organizations, Mobile Home Parks, VFW's, Daycares, Senior Citizens Centers, Clubs, College Student Organizations, etc.  Anyone can benefit from the Rx Benefits Card and Save Up To 93%!


Weekends are very busy for the Chain Pharmacies, Urgent Care/Walk-In Clinics and Emergency Rooms.  Weekdays are very busy for Physician’s offices, Pain Management, Cancer Centers, Dialysis, Behavioral Health, Pediatricians, Woman’s Centers and Clinics.


Explain to them, the Rx Benefits Card is the ONLY free prescription discount card that DOES NOT take their customers away from them by offering mail order to their valued customers; we want to send our patients to them.  YES as we have learned, many pharmacies are not allowing other discount cards; they are keeping the Rx Benefits Card for this reason.  We are a “Clean Card”, meaning everyone wins from the Patient, the Doctor, the Pharmacy and You!


Explain to them the Rx Benefits Card is the ONLY free prescription discount card that does not overcharge fees to the pharmacy, and it costs them no less to use our card than it would a regular Insurance Card for example.


Show the Urgent Care’s/Walk-In’s and ER’s the Rx Benefits Card Flyer, and let them know how much their patients will love them for these savings; show them how to look up the prices at if you like.


A busy chain Pharmacy can do 1000 scripts per day and a few hundred of those would be cash paying, needing the Rx Benefits Card. 


The Rx Benefits Card HAS THE HIGHEST OVERALL Discounts in the industry, and the lowest fees of ANY Free Prescription Drug Card – this is why they work, and you average 10 scripts per year for each person using the card / flyer.



 Flyers that WORK & That You Can Use!
Click Here for Handout that you can use for Pharmacies, Doctor Offices, Medical Centers & Urgent Care Centers, etc.




Think about it, a CVS for example can easily do 1000 scripts per day, and 300 of those are paying cash. USE THE RX BENEFITS CARD FLYERS, THEY WORK and will explain the benefits of the Rx Benefits Card and help consumers save up to 93%!  A Doctor’s office can save their patients an average of $8000 with only 300 prescriptions written, hence the Rx Benefits Card Flyer: “Your Patients Will Love you for this”!   We also have weekly Conference Calls to teach you how to get business or additional business!




Do you want this weekly report on your Rx Benefits Cards? Save your patients $40k, and earn about $1000 at the same time? Want this each week?  We will teach you how!  Below; the first example ($987 Weekly Income) is a Rep with about 7k cards out over a few months, the second Rep ($8,403 Weekly Income) is 25k to 50k cards out per month in routes with developed relationships, and ALSO Recruiting:


Group / Agent 


Paid Rx Commissions 

$987  Weekly

Retail Price 




Average Savings 


Percent Saved 


Group / Agent 


Paid Rx Commissions 

$8403  Weekly

Retail Price 




Average Savings 


Percent Saved 





You can feel good about helping people get the Prescriptions that they need at a price that they can afford  Together, We Can Make A Difference! We have got quite an opportunity for you! We also provide Comprehensive Training Calls every week to help you get started and Advanced Training Calls as you move along!  Your entry into the Rx Benefits Program as a Rx Benefits Specialist will be overwhelmed with opportunities. Time Is Of The Essence - Become a Rx Benefits Specialist Today!


Welcome to the Nationwide Rx Crusade & Becoming A Local Rx Benefits Specialist...
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